Helping Hands is here to help Senior’s remain home for as long as possible with soft support in place.


  • Senior’s reach out to take the overwhelming tasks off of their to-do list allowing them extra time for the activities that make their heart sing.
  • Adult children reach out to us so that they can maintain balanced family relationships. Careers, family, extra-curricular activities with children and constantly being pulled in many directions is overwhelming and exhausting.


At Helping Hands we become the eyes and ears on the ground offering safety and relief.




Customised Recurring Home Visit


Weekly or Bi-Weekly is our most popular recurring service as it allows you to really customize. The most popular tasks are light housekeeping, laundry, bed linens changed, snack preparation / light meal prep, light decluttering, and grocery shopping to name the favourites.


Deep Clean Refresh


This service allows our team to conquer all the forgotten areas in your home. The overhead lights, ceiling fans, bathroom fan, light switches, baseboards etc. This is the perfect place to start as it gives your home a clean slate.



Regular Recurring Clean


Weekly or Bi-weekly you choose the frequency and we will set aside the same day and time to keep the routine consistent. This service allows us to maintain your home and is customized to your needs and is a perfect follow-up to the Deep Clean Refresh.


Decluttering & Downsizing


This is where we roll up our sleeves and really dig in deep helping you to sort through your home while making some hard decisions. We move at your speed – we love listening to the stories as we sort through your memories and decide on the keep, gift to family, or donate piles. If time permits we can move at a slower pace and when the need arises unexpectedly we can move swiftly to ensure your timelines are met.


A home visit is scheduled to determine which service is best for your needs. Pricing is determined after the consult and scope of work has been determined.


Carer helping an elderly man



We are always on the lookout for caring Helping Hands to add to our team.

If you enjoy the stories that our Seniors have to share and find their wisdom and experience heartwarming – then this may be the team for you. We show up with hearts wide open offering kindness, compassion, patience and you are adaptable to change, as each visit may look different.

If you would like to see if we are a good fit for you and if you are a good fit for us – please click the link and submit your application.